Make the most of the furniture and accessories you already have

Bringing out the beauty and colour in your home doesn't have to mean buying new accessories or even redecorating. It's likely you already have everything you need for an overhaul, with a little help and some fresh ideas.

I will come to your home (in and around London or even further afield) and spend as long as it takes moving furniture, restyling and accessorising rooms, changing and adding functionality and decluttering.

Home styling is a wonderful and low-cost way to refresh your home, especially:

  • If you'd like to bring out the full potential of your home to create a beautiful, welcoming space

  • Before a party or event

  • When moving house - I can help you showcase the full potential of your home to secure a quick sale.

I'm just as happy staging your home before a viewing or event as I am helping a photographer to maximise its true essence.

Cost: £75 per hour

Contact me to book an appointment.