Why you should feature mirrors in the home

You don't need an excuse to buy a mirror; you can never have enough of them! I have a real passion for mirrors in a home. Not only do they fill wall space if you don't have a lot of artwork but more importantly, they reflect light so if you have a dark hall, a small room or an empty wall, they can be used to great effect. And let's not forget that we also need mirrors for practical, vanity reasons.  

All the mirrors that I have bought were purchased in charity or second hand shops at bargain prices from £5 to £50.  Here are some I have purchased and I have explained below the reason I have placed them in that particular spot.

This mirror is made from bamboo and sits in the hall. I have created a focal point with the table, light and flowers

This mirror is made from bamboo and sits in the hall. I have created a focal point with the table, light and flowers

I found this mirror in a second hand book shop of all places. It is made in Belgium and is rather unusual. It is placed opposite the bathroom so reflects light from the bathroom window

A large mirror over a fireplace always works. I chose this one as it fitted between the fireplace and the picture rail, maximising the space.

My hall is long and dark.  This little round mirror is one of my favourites, purchased from my favourite shop, Quirky Dovetail in Balham. It was a real bargain and I recently moved it to this spot and it really gives space to appreciate the beauty of the mirror.

This is my most recent purchase - I bought it for an absolute song in an auction with plans to do some sort of paint effect on it. I loved the shape which is why I bought it. However once hung, I loved it just as it is so I'll not be painting it...for now!

This little mirror was bought from The Cross. It's not really sparkly, just the camera flash. I loved it because it's so different. The little chair below is another auction purchase for a fiver!

This is a very large pine mirror in my kitchen that serves the purpose of creating light. It's not a feature mirror as it has no redeeming features so I've painted it the same colour as the wall. I would recommend that when you buy mirrors, you buy for their features rather than practicality.

A charity shop bevelled mirror that you wouldn't look twice at because it was the most horrible gilt colour. I painted it grey and distressed it slightly. I didn't want it to be a feature because the sideboard is the feature. Once again, I've tried to create a focal point with the sideboard, lights, mirror and other items.

The bathroom mirror. Like most London flats, my bathroom is not large so I added a large piece of mirror, cut to size, above the sink right up to the ceiling. It makes the room seem so much larger and lighter. 

Two little mirrors from Quirky Dovetail in Balham which I repainted in two Annie Sloan colours - Scandinavian Pink and Duck Egg Blue. I use them on this shelf as decorative items. 

I have to tell you about this mirror as it is my absolute favourite find. I was wandering up Portobello Road one Saturday with a friend and there's a great second hand shop run by an Aussie guy. He had this old triptych mirror on sale for £140 reduced to £85. I managed to get him to sell it to me for £55!  It is gorgeous; the glass has that lovely aged look with marks on it but that only adds to its charm.