Tips for using colour in your home


Do these three dilemmas sound familiar?

1.    There are so many paint brands and they all have loads of colour options. Where to start?!

2.    You see your friend’s home painted in various shades of grey (yes it’s still the popular choice!) and you think it looks nice.

3.    You want to freshen up your home and add some colour but don’t know where to start.

This is the perfect time of year to think about injecting colour into your home as it’s cold and grey outside (if you live in the northern hemisphere). A lot of people are afraid of colour & pattern; they may love it and even wear it but putting it in their home is a different matter. It doesn’t have to mean brightly coloured walls – you can paint neutral walls and add pops of colour with window dressing, rugs, furniture, artwork & accessories.

 When adding colour you need to think about every aspect of the room:

•      Architectural features - Will they influence your choices?

•      Furniture – What are the best colours to complement the furniture

•      Flooring - Different shades of flooring can have a major impact on how a colour will look in a room

•      Light – quality and intensity; how it moves through the house

•      Which way does the room face – this is key to the colours you choose

 An interior designer can take the stress out of trying to decide how to inject colour in your home. They can create a scheme that lets you feel truly special in your own home and source accessories, furniture and fittings to suit your style. Choose an interior designer whose work you like (visit their website and/or Instagram account), one who was recommended to you or one who you’ve met and felt an affinity. What I do is inspire people to understand what makes them tick and then I reflect it in their surroundings. I glean a lot of useful info from the client via a questionnaire that they complete in advance of our first meeting. A collaborative approach is absolutely crucial with a client.

 My signature trademarks are colour, flowers and artwork. As well as consultative work I also run workshops on

  1. How to inject colour in the home

  2. How to maximise & style the flowers you buy

  3. How to paint furniture with chalk paint.

Take a look at my website and also my Instagram account (there’s a feed on the home page of my website).

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