The Flower Fairy

Not only am I an interior decorator but I'm also a qualified & experienced florist. As part of the services I provide, I offer a two hour consultation at your home to teach you how to make the most of your vases and the flowers you buy or pick from your garden.  I'm the Flower Fairy!! 

This is a relatively new service and I wanted to share with you the feedback from one of my clients which sums up what you can learn from this consultation.  She's a local lady married with two very small children. Like many of you, she buys flowers at her local supermarket when she does her weekly supermarket shop or often receives flowers as gifts.  She has little knowledge of how to maximise the potential of these flowers, her vases or how to best style them in her home. Here's what she said; I couldn't have articulated it better myself as to what this consultation will achieve for you:

"What a wonderful way to spend an evening. Angela came to my home and found vases I never knew I had!  My husband bought me the Flower Fairy consultation with Angela as an anniversary present and it was the best gift he could have bought me.  I normally just put bunches of flowers that I buy or am given into the vase still in their wrapper as it looked better than when I try to arrange them.  Angela has not only shown me how to choose the right vase to display them in all their glory, but also how to arrange them and some clever tricks to give the wow factor.  Being shown how to properly prepare the flowers has meant they last so much longer and Angela has taught me how to get the most out of my flowers by starting them off in tall vases, then cutting them down when they're past their best.  I managed to get two totally different looks out of a bunch of supermarket roses and they lasted me 2 weeks! 

I look forward to buying flowers now and really enjoy having them in the house.  Angela was such a pleasure to be around – she is so much fun and really has such an eye for style.  Being with her for two hours made me want to rearrange our whole home as she made a couple of comments during the flower workshop that have already made such a difference to our kitchen space.  Really really brilliant... We're renovating a family home and can’t wait to book Angela now to get choosing our colours and furnishings! "

My client took some photos while I was demonstrating the basics of arranging simple vases of gladioli, sunflowers and roses. 

If you would like to book the Flower Fairy click here for the details including prices. You can include a few friends which reduces the price.  Or I offer gift vouchers for any value which can be redeemed against any of my services.  Take a look at all of my services here - apart from my interior design and styling servics, I also run a day's Colour Class where you'll learn how to use colour to highlight your home's best features. Give me a call on 07960 934427 or email me on if you would like to book one of my services or if you want further information.

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