Give a piece of furniture a new lease of life

I'm a great one for up-cycling furniture with a lick of paint rather than get rid of it.  I usually paint with Annie Sloan chalk paint as it's so easy to use - no prep required and you can paint it on any surface including on fabric!  However this time I wanted a specific colour which doesn't come in the Annie Sloan range so I opted for Farrow & Ball which had the exact colour.

I'm a huge fan of Farrow & Ball paint and I have used it throughout my home. Most, if not all, my clients have F&B throughout their homes. I particularly like the way F&B split their neutrals into six groups which makes it so much easier for people when trying to choose a neutral colour(s).  In fact I use the six neutral groups as the basis for my colour talks.

I have two hall tables that I wanted to breathe new life into - both I had previously painted in Annie Sloan chalk paint but was bored with the colours and both needed to have new life breathed into them.

My favoured colour was F&B 'Brinjal' which is the name given to the shiny skin of an aubergine (or eggplant as you may call it).  I used Estate Emulsion as I'm not a fan of a high gloss or eggshell finish.  

Unlike painting with Annie Sloan chalk paint, you need to key (rub with sandpaper) before you paint with Farrow & Ball. So I gave them both a quick rub and then two coats of Brinjal. I used Annie Sloan Clear Wax as a top coat which provides excellent protection.  I didn't distress either piece as I had done when I had painted them previously. I'm a little over the distressed look !!

I'm very pleased with the finished effect. The colour makes everything "pop" that you display on it.  No doubt in a year or so I'll want to change the colour again !!

Do you paint furniture? What is your favoured paint, paint effect and colour?

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