Mirror Mirror On The Wall .....

As many of you know, I have a passion for mirrors and my home is full of them. At last count I had 27 and it's only a two bedroom apartment!  

You can't have too many mirrors in the home. Apart from their functional purpose, they are a superb way to bring light into a space, can be used as artwork or generally to enhance the aesthetics of a room.

Here are some of the mirrors in my home and how I've used them.

I have a weakness for convex mirrors which are quite difficult to source - the larger ones are usually eye-wateringly expensive, be they new or antique. However I have managed to accumulate ten small convex mirrors and have created a feature around the door into the kitchen (one is hiding behind the wall!).  This mirror installation actually serves two purposes - decorative and functional as they are bouncing light from the other end of the hall where I've placed the two antique mirrors.

Include mirrors on an art wall to add interest. Spot the two I've added a couple on this art wall ! Also include them when you style a shelf.

Use mirrors to bounce light from the window opposite a dark corner as I've done in my kitchen.

A mirror in a hallway and/or by the front door is always useful to check oneself before facing the world !! 

A mirror over a feature fireplace can enhance the beauty of the fireplace. Try and maximise the mantlepiece width and also the height (in my home I have picture rails with which to contend) when you choose a mirror as it will make the fireplace feel larger.

Sometimes I buy mirrors purely for decorative reasons.  See it, love it, buy it is my motto - obviously subject to budget!!

Don't forget that you can decorate a mirror with lights and other items. I've added little birds to these two mirrors and a bunch of mercurised glass hearts on the other mirror.

Last but not least, you can use mirrors in the garden. I don't have the luxury of a garden, just three square feet of outside space at the top of the back steps. However I've placed a mirror there to make the space feel larger by reflecting the plants.

I'd love to hear about how you use mirrors in your home or if you need some advice, do contact me.  When in doubt, purchase a mirror; there's always somewhere in your home where you can hang it or just rest it against a wall.

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