Flowers flowers flowers!!

Hi everyone.  I wanted to tell you about last Friday morning as I had a really lovely thing happen to me. My local florist and friend, Jayne Copperwaite Flowers sent me a text message to say she had a lot of flowers left over from a photo shoot and would I like to come and help myself.  I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  How kind and generous of her is that?! .Thank you so much Jayne.

As most of you know, I am a qualified florist and worked as a florist for two years when I first came to London back in the late 70s.  I also help out at Jayne's shop when she has a busy period.  I just love being back in a florist shop surrounded by the heady scents and colours of flowers and plants.

Anyway, I whizzed around to Jayne's shop on Friday morning on my moped and scooped up as many flowers as I could comfortably fit on my moped.  The flowers were all pretty pastel colours.  My kitchen suddenly transformed into a florist's workroom when I laid out the flowers on my kitchen table. I  thought you might enjoy seeing how I styled each room with the flowers.

As an interior decorator I think it's so important to have flowers and/or plants in a room. It's a good way to add pops of colour and different textures to an interior.  It's an integral part of my room styling for clients; I always encourage clients to include something live in their rooms.  I love pots of herbs in the kitchen. Some flowers work better than others in a kitchen, for example, I'm not a fan of roses, orchids or other formal flowers in a kitchen, rather more country-style flowers.  A sitting room, dining room or hallway are perfect spaces to use more formal flowers or formal flower arrangements. I've labelled each photo so you can see in which room I placed each vase.  Enjoy them and hopefully be inspired!


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