Petersham Nurseries have opened in Covent Garden!

Not sure if you are aware but Petersham Nurseries have opened a second site and it's in London's Covent Garden.  I zipped up there on my moped last Friday to see what all the fuss was about (I'd seen a lot of images on Instagram of it).  It was certainly worth the journey! The shop in Floral Street is in an impressive Grade II listed building with sunlight through three Victorian atriums illuminating the shop.  There's the shop and the separate deli with florist both opened a couple of weeks ago and in between these two shops is a space where they are going to open two restaurants later this year.  

It's a similar concept to Petersham Nurseries in Richmond, however, as there is limited space there is no outdoor nursery but the shop has plenty of gorgeous vintage and antique furniture and smaller items for sale as well as accessories and plenty of plants.  I can never resist a spend frenzy at Peterhsam so ended up buying a candleabra, an orchid plant in a stunning terracotta pot and in the florist a large bunch of flowers. Ambitiously I thought I could get all of these home on my moped. I did manage it but it was a rather uncomfortable ride home straddling all of my purchases !!!!

I'm going to let the images speak for themselves.  Firstly here are some shots of the outside of the building.

The shop has two huge statement chandeliers which dominate the shop and provide a wonderful backdrop.  I'm reliably informed that everything in the shop is for sale including these chandeliers!

In typical Petersham style, the items for sale in the shop are styled within an inch of their lives making them all irrestible! I was dodging punters while taking photos but a few sneaked into the wide angled shots. Hey ho, it is a shop after all!

I was particularly captivated by this antique mirrored table with a multitude of little glass vases filled with a variety of delicate flowers. 

And this gorgeous display of pastels.

The delicatessen also contains a great little florist at the back with a superb choice of flowers. Obviously I succumbed to the temptation !!

I can't wait for the two restaurants to open so that one can make it a destination venue like their venue in Richmond where you can have coffee and cake in the morning and the choice of lunch in the formal restaurant or a cafe lunch.  That will make it even more desirable and a worthwhile visit however it is definitely worth going just to look at the shop. I challenge you not to buy something!

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