Open house event at mine

Recently my home was opened up to members of the Decor Cafe for an evening event. The DecorCafe Network, of which I am a member, is a collaborative community of those of us who run our own businesses in the interiors industry and those who just need inspiration and help to decorate their homes. These home tours bring members together to connect, learn and share ideas.  I've been to several open house events run by the Decor Cafe and find them a great opportunity to nose around other people's homes and to glean ideas and inspiration. 

Debbie who runs The Decor Cafe and I welcomed about 20 members into my home on Wednesday 16th August and over a glass of Prosecco and nibbles, I gave them a tour of my home. They then had the chance to wander around, take photos and network. Hopefully the attendees enjoyed it as much as I did; the networking within the Decor Cafe is something that I really value and enjoy. 

To read the blog post and see images of my home click here

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