Private Home Tour !

Do you like noseying around other people's homes? I love it !  If you would like a nosey around my home, there will be a Private Home Tour on Wednesday 16th August organised by The Decor Cafe.  My home is a two bedroom Victorian maisonette overlooking Tooting Common.  I guess if I had to describe my style it could be summed up in one word - eclectic.  I am not wedded to any particular style. I like to use plenty of colour, patterns and textures with plenty of clashes!  If this sounds of interest click here for more details and some images of my home. 

The Decor Cafe is a south west London network providing opportunities to connect, share ideas and build your business as well as providing inspiration and support for people wanting to make more of their home. They run talks, drop-ins, workshops and other events as well as providing a wealth of resources.  I joined the Decor Cafe recently as it's the sort of network that is invaluable for someone like me - an interior designer running my own business.  It is an opportunity to meet like-minded creative people in the industry running their own businesses and share ideas and experiences. In addition it's a chance to support people who are working on a project to improve their own homes.  And all within a radius of a few miles from where I live!

If you would like to book a ticket for the tour of my home, click here. It's free to members and £20 for non-members.  I look forward to welcoming you on Wednesday 16 August.

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